Sponsor a Horse

Equi-Rhythm is responsible for four horses, three of whom are involved in our programs. They are costly to house, feed, shoe, and otherwise care for. A full sponsorship of a horse includes feed, shoes, vaccinations, and overhead. Cost is $300 per month. You can also do a partial sponsorship by covering one or more of these costs, which can vary depending on the horse. To inquire about horse sponsorship, please contact Caroline Roy at 303-652-0766 (home), 303-919-3946 (cell), or equi.rhythm@comcast.net.

Volunteer Your Services

Equi-Rhythm welcomes volunteers into the program. Volunteer opportunities include a wide range of activities, from providing care for an Equi-Rhythm horse (grooming, bathing, walking out) to feeding and mucking pens and stalls to assisting in programs, depending on your skills, training, and horse experience. To inquire about volunteering, contact Caroline Roy at 303-652-0766 (home), 303-919-3946 (cell), or equi.rhythm@comcast.net.



Rocky Mountain Equi-Rhythm: How To Help

Make a Donation of Cash

Cash donations are always welcomed! They can be earmarked for a specific program or you may allow Equi-Rhythm to use them for our "greatest need." You may also make the contribution in the name of your loved one (human or equine), or perhaps as a memorial upon the loss of one of the Equi-Rhythm horses. Checks should be made payable to Rocky Mountain Equi-Rhythm and mailed to Caroline Roy, RMER Executive Director, 7156 Johnson Circle, Niwot, CO 80503.

Make a Donation in Kind

Rocky Mountain Equi-Rhythm has many needs for barn equipment, supplies, feed, and other horse-related items. Please send email to equi.rhythm@comcast.net to arrange for a day and time to drop off your donation. Our wish list includes:

Barn and Pen Needs:
Muck buckets
Medium or large tire feeders
Hoses 2 x 50', 1 x 25'
Manure forks

Paper towels and toilet paper
Trashcan liners (30 and 60 gallon)
First aid items

Horse Care Needs:
Joint supplements
Surgical and elasticon adhesive tape (2” rolls)
Fly spray
Hoof conditioner
Routine vaccinations
Farrier visits
Chiropractic visits
Veterinary incidents

Monthly Feed Supplies:
Niwot grain mix
Equine Senior
Alfalfa cubes
Beet pulp
Rice bran
Grass and alfalfa hay
Large Items Needed:
Small tractor

Services Needed:
Carcass hauling
Manure hauling
Euthanasia service